At SNCS Architecture  we are interested in the expansion of the whole space rather than the extension of any part of it. We explore various options in a creative way and invite our clients to contribute to the process of this selection. The end result is often exhilarating and rewarding…

SNCS Architecture operates on the team approach, bringing together clients, users and professionals in a collaboration of knowledge, needs and efforts, realizing greater results and enhanced solutions.


Detailed evaluation of the site and its unique characteristics is the starting point for the design process


We constantly strive to explore creative opportunities within each project undertaken


We carefully consider the client’s specific requirements, ideas and programmatic elements


Each project is intended to be an imaginative and innovative response to the character and desires of the client


We take a collaborative team approach to all of our projects. Part of this collaboration involves developing a professional relationship with each client


Special attention is devoted to identifying key lifestyle elements and understanding each client’s


We utilize the latest design tools in 3d Visualisation, to further analyze the design from different perspectives. Of utmost importance is the refinement of the design process that produces a product as unique as the client


For the ultimate in efficiency, our complete team approach to project management ensures that every step of the way the project is both cost-effective and time-efficient